C2NetCalendars for Windows 10


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C2NetCalendars a group calendar dedicated to those who want to streamline the management of appointments and workflow in your company. The program allows multiple users to work on shared calendars located on different computers in a local network or the Internet. Users can work with multiple calendars into one view. C2NetCalendars also integrates with Microsoft Outlook allowing you to share Outlook calendars between users without having an Exchange server. The program features allow you to: - Create and save a view composed of many users calendars located on different computers in a local network or the Internet. - Install new calendars and give other users access to them. - Work with the calendars of other users carried out in Microsoft Outlook, so that you can share calendars between users of Outlook without Exchange Server's costly. The user accesses a remote calendars Outlook itself does not have Outlook installed, which can significantly reduce costs. - Work with calendars when not connected to the computer on which the calendar was created, is not available. Any changes will be synchronized after restarting a connection to the remote computer. - Create and edit appointments in their calendars with their specific data, such as title, duration, location, category, etc. - Assign the dates for the reminder. - Assign deadlines color categories. - Create private appointments, anonymous to other users viewing your calendar. - Print the views that contain data from multiple calendars of different